Aalto in the Game Recruiting Event

Aalto in the Game Recruiting Event

Flashwalk will be present at the happening and opening up a possibility to join the venture! Having few applications in bootstrapping stage we are looking for the ones who can and dare to take a risk similar to ours, build something new and potentially rewarding at high risk.

Aalto in the Game Recruitment Event will take place April 23, 2015 in the creative environment of Design Factory and Urban Mill in Otaniemi.

Sessio app is about to put a mark on collaboration space. Perhaps most of all because of it’s simple yet robust idea still nonexistent in the modern telcom market. We know exactly what is to be done and you can be part of the do. We need your skills in creating what we believe is universal in delivering value and has to be built to the highest gamification quality.

Get in early – many VCs will not allow equity to be given to part-time employees or contractors.

During the bootstrapping stage we do not pay salary. We contract a sweat equity path from beginning until exit. Salary kicks in at series-A funding. If you need a steady cash income from the get go, then sorry we are not a match.

Here are some roles we are looking for at Aalto in the Game event to join Sessio application venture:

  • B to B Sales
  • B to C Sales
  • C to C Sales
  • XAMARIN developer/ C# / iOS
  • XAMARIN developer/ C# / Android
  • Mixpanel analytics & www-developer
  • Back Office
  • Visuals & Materials
  • Social Media & News
  • Security & Server
  • HR & PR Manager
  • you have another role in mind?

Some tools we have used / would like to learn to use

  • Asana
  • Xamarin + Xcode, Android Studio, etc.
  • Mixpanel
  • Quoteroller
  • Zapier
  • and a lot more


Why we’re doing this

When phone and email fail to help, people waste a lot of time by travelling onsite to solve issues while they could solve them instantly and remotely with a simple application combining three different simultaneuos key functions: shared image, synchronised drawing and audio conversation.

Every faced issue solved remotely means savings in money and time. Way more than the monthly cost of using the app.

Sessio solves a repeating issue within everyday live. The way this MVP is thought has potential to get established as a standard.



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