Fully Automatic Mileage Reporting

Mileage Report

Saturday, November 08, 2014 – Flashwalk Ltd, a leading company with expertise in creating mobile apps, has announced it will be releasing Mileage Report, an automatic mileage report app that is designed to help the traveling worker on the go. Created for workers who are compensated for travel time, Mileage Report is designed to take care of mileage reports for its customers without having to even take their phone out of their pocket. Mileage Report is equipped with smart and fully automatic mileage tracking, so all you have to do is start driving.
Mileage Report will create a mileage report for you by itself as you drive. Featuring smart route calculation and automatic mileage reports based on customized preset rules of GPS locations, Mileage Report ensures an accurate and detailed report for its customers. In order to experience Mileage Report, all one needs to have is a smart phone and a car equipped with Bluetooth or a separate Bluetooth dongle.

Downloading Mileage Report is free and if customers find they love the easiness and helpfulness of this new app, a full featured PRO version will also be available. Mileage Report literally lets the worker on the go forget about the hassle of creating a mileage report and will allow its customers to gain the full benefit of paid compensation.